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Watch a video on the first flight since the 70s Polish Baltic coast with rocket

Polish government and private companies intend to build on the Baltic Sea coast, the first spaceport, which will be competed rocket missions to low Earth orbit. In a moment you will see a prototype of one of them.

I recently had the opportunity to admire the flight of the rocket Bigos 4 Gdynia SpaceForest company, and now Research Network Lukasiewicz – Aviation Institute conducted a fully successful launch and fly your rocket called ILR AMBER-33 from the Central Traverse Air Force in Ustka. This is the first event of its kind in our country since the construction and testing of rockets called Meteor, which since the 70s of the last century.

Most importantly, the rocket is the first in the world to use hydrogen peroxide as a high concentration (98% +). Eventually, the vehicle will have a total weight of approx. 200 kg at a height of 4 meters and a diameter of approx. 23 centimeters. Will consist of two rockets on the side of solid fuel and 2 main members. The main rocket engine is a hybrid engine using Polish H2O2. Recovery of the load will be carried by the disengagement of the top member of the rocket by a pyrotechnic launch the parachute depressant amount of 50 km and proper chute at 1 kilometer. The landing will take place at a speed of approx. 8 m / s.

The latest flight ILR AMBER-33 took place on 10 September torrent links catalog. In the course of the rocket reached a ceiling at 23 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, and then her head fell into the waters of the Baltic Sea, where it was taken by boats and aircraft. Rocket flight was followed by live operators to ensure full security around the training ground, on the beaches and waters of the Baltic Sea.

Aviation Institute now has more ambitious plans for the rockets. Future versions ILR-33 AMBER have resulted in a flight space, namely slightly over 100 km above the earth’s surface. At the moment in Europe is a huge demand for this type of rocket missions, for example. Of test facilities. Poles want to become pioneers in this field in the middle of the Old Continent.