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Top or flop Christopher Nolans Tenet was launched in the USA and China

Top or flop? Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” was launched in the USA and China

After “Tenet” had already exceeded expectations at the start in many countries, including Germany, in the previous week, the focus this weekend turned to the USA and China, the two most important cinema markets in the world.

How much does “Tenet” have to bring in to be considered a success in these times?

How much does “Tenet” have to bring in to be considered a success in these times?

A question that is not that easy (if at all) to answer. It is a little easier to calculate when the more than $ 200 million sci-fi blockbuster will start to write green numbers. According to analysts, this is likely to be the case with global box office earnings of around $ 500 million …

After “Tenet” in Germany, France, Italy and other countries recorded about twice as much as expected on the previous weekend, the launches in the USA and China were on the program last week:

“Tenet” in the USA

In the USA, “Tenet”, including previews, brought $ 20 million into the coffers on the first weekend. This is the lowest starting score for a Christopher Nolan film since Prestige.

$ 20 million the first weekend

But you also have to pay attention to the fact that in the USA there are not only strict hygiene regulations and capacity limits, as in Germany – in states and cities that are extremely important for the industry, including the two top markets of Los Angeles and New York, the cinemas are still even open not reopened. (That’s why there are also the stories of super fans who flew to another state especially to be able to see “Tenet” at the start anyway.)

“Tenet” should therefore hold up very well in the USA not only because of the lack of competition in the next few weeks and months – there will also be an increasing number of new markets within the USA that could keep box-office income unusually stable over the coming weekends. So it is not yet possible to assess how the US result should be assessed.

So it is not yet possible to assess how the US result should be assessed.

“Tenet” in China

Restrictions still apply in China as well. Nevertheless, the past weekends, on which some local productions have already achieved blockbuster visitor numbers at pre-Corona level, have impressively shown what is possible even in these difficult times. “Tenet” has now grossed 30 million dollars on the first weekend, which roughly corresponds to the expectations of a new Christopher Nolan blockbuster.

$ 30 million

However, the result was only enough for second place in the charts: At the top is still the patriotic war epic “The Eight Hundred”, which has now sold more than 300 million dollars at the Chinese box office.

While the $ 30 million for “Tenet” is fully within the bounds, there are two indications that the overall result for the sci-fi actioner in China could be unimpressive:

two pointers
The word of mouth should therefore be kept within limits
meanwhile show “The Eight Hundred” again.

The Chinese ticket portal Maoyan is currently predicting a – modest – final result of just 66 million dollars for “Tenet” (that would be just a doubling of the numbers for the first three days and thus the exact opposite of a long-term runner).

“Tenet” global

Worldwide, “Tenet” is currently at a gross profit of 150 million dollars – but since the long-haul concept seems to be working with the exception of China, an end result of more than half a billion dollars is still possible, according to analysts.

According to analysts, an end result beyond half a billion dollars is still possible.

It can already be said: The risk that Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. took with the publication at this point in time will at least not lead to major losses – and it may even pay off for the makers FMovie. On the other hand, the sure winners are the cinemas, many of which would have been difficult or impossible to survive further weeks without blockbusters …

“Tenet” has been in German cinemas since August 26, 2020.

“Tenet” has been in German cinemas since August 26, 2020.