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The What3words application, i.e. 3 words are enough to save someone’s life

Since even policemen from around the world are urging users to download and install this application, because apparently it has already saved many people, then something must be on top of things. So it’s worth testing it, because it can be useful worldtoptech.

What3words, because we are talking about it, is a geocoding system for easy transmission of geographical coordinates using a unique set of three words from natural language assigned to a space in an area of ​​9 square meters. Unlike addresses, zip codes or GPS data, we do not have a series of numbers or numbers here, but natural for the language of the word used. It is available for download as an application for mobile devices and as the following examples show, it is really worth doing.

People who have escaped dangerous situations unscathed by this simple action are also encouraging. One of them is Jess Tinsley, who, together with friends, went for a long walk in the woods, but after a few hours of walking she completely lost her orientation. When it got dark, she desperately began to look for a place where she would have coverage and the ability to make a phone call for help – luckily it succeeded, and the first thing she heard from the operator of the emergency number was the command to install what3words app. That’s enough to know your location in this system and point it to the appropriate services.

How is this possible? What3words indicates a very accurate location, because the developers of the application divided the whole world into 57 trillion squares with an area of ​​3 x 3 meters, assigning each address in the form of 3 random words from natural language. How did you come to that? The originator, Chris Sheldrick, openly admits that when as a child he lived in a rural area of ​​Hertfordshire, he still had problems with the post, because the code did not lead the delivery to a specific address, so he regularly received foreign mail or had to wait on the road to intercept his correspondence in time .

Later, as an adult man, he started working in the music industry, where similar inconveniences arose, i.e. an eternal problem with sending bands to a specific entrance to the place where the concert was to be played, etc. Especially that no one wanted to use data on length and latitude, because entering or remembering 16-digit codes is simply inconvenient. So after talking to a mathematician, he came up with a different idea, because it turned out that there are enough 3 word combinations to describe every location in the world.

And so, what3words was born in 2013, which was gradually gaining popularity. First, the Mongolian post office began to use it officially, then the technology was used by Mercedes Benz in their cars, and now it is available in 35 languages. Unfortunately, according to rescue services, there are still too few people installing the appropriate application on their smartphones, and it can save lives. Of course, if necessary, you can always download it, but on condition that we have access to the network, and you must remember that the application itself no longer needs a signal to show us our location in the system of 3 words.

As rescuers say, it is not difficult to imagine a situation when someone is injured while hiking in the mountains and can not continue hiking – then just check your location in what3words, even if we do not have coverage, and the rest of the group after descent can give it to the services, which significantly will speed up the whole action. The system was also already used to help victims of road accidents, rescue hostages or search for a delivery woman locked up in one of several dozen containers in the port (illegal immigration). So how do you install?