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The United States will use quantum technologies as a weapon for war in space

The Pentagon significantly accelerates the work on quantum technologies in order to build the most powerful and most effective weapon in history to conduct future wars in space.

Star wars are slowly becoming a fact. The superpower armies transfer their activities into space and work intensively on technologies that seemed a few years ago a song of the future, and now they are becoming reality.

The US Air Force Research Laboratory has begun intensive cooperation with research centers across the country in the matter of significant acceleration of works on quantum technologies. The Pentagon wants to have practical quantum computers at its disposal for powerful calculations and maximum security in the new generation of navigation and global communication.

The army also intends to support technological giants and startups that deal with the development of artificial intelligence technology on a daily basis. The Department of Defense has a vision for the full automation of installations moving around the Earth’s orbit. Spacecraft will be stationed in advanced combat robots operating under the US Space Corps, able to react quickly and effectively in the face of problems in future bases on the Moon and Mars and the asteroid mine.

The United States will use quantum technologies as a weapon for war in space. Fig. 343 Industries.

The army will invest USD 15 billion in the coming years in various research centers in the USA. We can therefore expect that there will also be progress in systems used for civilian purposes, which we can use for example in smartphone applications.

In the global network, also scandals related to the disclosure of cooperation among others Facebook, Amazon and Google with the Pentagon and the preparation of artificial intelligence technology and assassin robots for the government.

In addition to the ethical and moral dimension of such cooperation, which causes a lot of controversy, there is of course also the question of propaganda from China and Russia. It is no secret and nobody should be surprised that these countries want to thwart the ambitious plans of the US Army. The Pentagon is going to create completely new systems for detecting attempts to falsify reality and defense against cyberattacks.