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The SOHO probe recorded the spectacular moment of the comet’s impact on the Sun.

The SOHO probe, which has been monitoring solar activity every day since 1996, has also immortalized a small comet flying near our star. We could not see her with the naked eye, but we can in the picture.

There is a very interesting phenomenon. It looks as if the comet hit the sun. In reality, however, the comet flew very close to the star closest to us and by touching its hot photosphere, it literally evaporated before it hit the surface of the sun. Objects of this type are called “comets skimming the sun” and are included in the Kreutz group.

Several hundred years ago, a giant comet flew past the Sun and broke into pieces that formed a group of comets moving along the same path. This phenomenon was discovered in the nineteenth century by the German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz. This group includes the most spectacular comets of the Earth’s sky, which could be admired, among others two centuries ago. It was, among others The Great March Comet in 1843 and the Great September Comet in 1882.

The object you can see in the above movie belongs to this group. This event took place last Thursday (15.08). The comet suffered a spectacular death in the solar photosphere, into which it flew at a dizzying speed of up to 2 million kilometers per hour. The SOHO probe, belonging to NASA, has already recorded over 3700 such phenomena throughout its history.

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