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The Russians are preparing special hibernation capsules to travel to Mars

Although it is not widely discussed in the media, the Russians are also preparing for long manned flights to the Red Planet. Researchers create special technologies for the better quality of life of astronauts.

Flight to the Red Planet will be the most risky challenge that humanity has taken in its entire history of existence. Therefore, the largest space agencies in the world, including the Russian Roscosmos, are working intensively to ensure maximum safety for astronauts not only while traveling to Mars, but also while exploring its surface.

Researchers from the Russian Foundation for Advanced Studies are currently working intensively on advanced hibernation capsules and special preparations that will allow the colonizers to be brought into a controlled coma and transported safely to this planet in the best possible form.

The experimental preparation has already been tested on animals, because the Russians do not hide that their hibernation was an inspiration for them. It turns out that the preparation has met all the hopes placed in it. The animals, both during and after the test, behaved completely normal and no deterioration of their health was observed, on the contrary.

Hibernative capsules and a special preparation introducing into a coma. Fig. SpaceWorks.

NASA some time ago informed about the construction of hibernating capsules, in which astronauts would spend a few days in a coma, in order to use the accumulated stocks as efficiently as possible and take care of their mental state in such a long journey.

For now, the work of Russian scientists is in a very early phase and a long way ahead of them to create a practical and safe preparation. Maybe someday it will also be applied on Earth, in people who have big problems with metabolism.