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The Pentagon carried out a simulated attack on the city using a swarm of drones

The US Agency for Advanced Research Projects in the Area of ​​Defense has recently tested soldiers’ complementary robots, and has now decided to check aerial support with a drone swarm.

As part of the OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics project, US Army engineers conducted tests of unmanned, small-scale flying vehicles at Fort Benning, Georgia. The Pentagon focuses on the latest technological advances that are to increase the effectiveness of soldiers’ mission on the battlefields.

The OFFSET program uses not only drone swarms, but also robots. During the exercises, dozens of drones appeared in the sky, and a dozen robots traveled the earth. All devices were connected to each other, and images from their cameras and sensors were sent to the command and tablets of soldiers on a regular basis, who could coordinate their work and observe the entire field of the simulated battle.

Interestingly, the project involves not only DARPA engineers, but also the largest American universities. Their role is to prepare software based on artificial intelligence. It is worth adding that Google was involved in the project, however, under the pressure of its employees and public opinion, it resigned and announced that it would no longer support the plans for construction by the Pentagon of robo-killers.

In the future, DARPA intends to create a large fleet of small and large drones, each with hundreds of units that will support both fighter pilots and soldiers. First of all, it is about military operations carried out in the future in metropolises. For the army, it is still an extremely logistically complex environment. The warriors hope to solve this problem with the latest technologies.

The Pentagon also has similar plans for robots. Although various organizations around the world, including the UN, have been calling for the governments of major powers to stop building robo killers for several years, they do nothing about it, and the latest ideas of the US, Russia and China clearly show that the dark vision of rights defenders sooner or later, will work.