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Boeing revealed one of the secrets of the construction of the mini-shuttle X-37B

Boeing has published a short footage on the global network where we can see a reusable mini-shuttle located at a research and outer space facility. The most interesting element of the presentation, however, is the solar panel assembly system. Photovoltaic devices are located in the central hold. While in orbit, the cargo bay doors open and the panel system unfolds.

Do you want to go to the ISS? In this TV show, it can be won

Space Hero, because that's what we're talking about, is a new reality show whose goal is to send one of the participants into space, and more specifically on a 10-day vacation to the International Space Station. However, it is worth emphasizing that those interested must win this award on their own, because, according to the Deadline website, there will be a series of backbreaking trainings on the way, during which specialists will test their physical, mental and emotional strength. The final of the competition can be followed live, because the idea is that in the last episode, it is the viewers who will decide by voting who deserves the most victory and the unique prize, which will be realized in 2023.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can even double your risk of dementia

All as a result of the first meta-analysis of the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and dementia, which covered more than a million patients, and found that untreated PTSD doubled the risk of dementia in the elderly. Research, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, describes the condition as one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. Today, more than 50 million people worldwide suffer from it, and estimates say it will triple its prevalence by 2050. In the absence of effective treatment, the key to managing this degenerative disease is early identification and helping patients to limit the development of an uncontrollable condition at some point.

Airbus showed the first hydrogen-powered airplane. Looks futuristic

Airbus has unveiled the concept of the world's first emission-free airliner, which would enter service as early as 2035. The company revealed that its plants are currently working on the construction of the first prototype of such a machine. This process will take several years, but in a decade the first flights of the fully ecological machine will take place.

Air highways for drones will be built. The first one will appear in Great Britain

The government is creating a project to build the first air highway for transport drones. In the future, such special air corridors will connect all the cities of this country, and thanks to them, the highest level of safety for residents will be ensured and the quality of delivery services of the largest companies, used by millions of British people, will increase.

We already know what radiation dose astronauts on the moon will receive

The return to the natural satellite of our planet is expected in 4 years. There is very little time until then, so it's high time to find out just how extreme the conditions will be for the first colonizers there. It turns out that it will not be easy for them to survive there, but after all, there are no obstacles that a person cannot overcome.

Volocopter presents the production version of its flying taxi

One of them is Volocopter. It is currently considered to have the most advanced flying vehicles of this type. Last year, the company successfully tested its latest incarnation of the invention, the Volocopter 2X, in a German city. The machine took off from the airport located near the Mercedes headquarters. Engineers tested all machine systems.

The Beirut explosion was one of the most powerful in human history

200 victims, 6,000 injured, 300,000 people homeless and damaged buildings in the middle of Lebanon's capital. A team of researchers from Sheffield University set out to find out exactly how powerful the outbreak that took place in the Lebanese capital on August 4 this year was. Research has shown that it had the strength of 1/20 of the bomb dropped on the Japanese Hiroshima.

We discovered as many as 24 extrasolar planets with better living conditions than on Earth

Using data from the Kepler mission, scientists have specifically identified 24 extrasolar planets that may be better adapted than Earth to the emergence and evolution of life. This fascinating discovery, because it cannot be denied that one of the most pressing questions of modern science is about the forms of life anywhere outside our planet. And while we still haven't found any direct evidence, exploration missions like Kepler have contributed a lot to our knowledge of planetary system formation, and have provided researchers with confirmation that it is worth thinking about life outside our solar system other than by speculation.

SpaceX will build constellations of nuclear alarm satellites for the Pentagon

SpaceX has won a historic tender worth nearly $ 150 million. Under the agreement, Elon Musk's engineers are to build a cosmic superconstellation capable of detecting and tracking incoming hypersonic missiles from China and Russia. The devices are to be in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

650 wind turbines from GE will be able to provide energy for the whole of Poland

Until recently, the Danes boasted about their most efficient 9 MW wind turbine in the world, the V164 from MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, which weighs 1,300 tons, is 220 meters high and has 80 meters blades (one blade weighs 38 tons).