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Sony discovers all cards - there are Polish prices and release dates. Any surprise?

During yesterday's Sony network conference, we got to know not only new games aimed at PlayStation 5, but also the missing pieces of the puzzle, i.e. prices and the release date of the new console. According to earlier reports, the Japanese manufacturer has prepared two versions of its console, i.e. the classic with a drive and the Digital Edition without a drive, which were priced at $ 499 and $ 399, respectively. And although the price of the traditional model looks the same as in the case of the Xbox Series X, Polish prices differ slightly and Sony has used a less attractive conversion rate, which translates into PLN 2299 and PLN 1849, respectively. It should be noted, however, that unlike the Xboxes, the drive or its absence is the only difference between consoles.

Air highways for drones will be built. The first one will appear in Great Britain

The government is creating a project to build the first air highway for transport drones. In the future, such special air corridors will connect all the cities of this country, and thanks to them, the highest level of safety for residents will be ensured and the quality of delivery services of the largest companies, used by millions of British people, will increase.

The world's first bionic 'eye' enters human testing

Work on creating a fully functioning bionic eye is currently underway in many institutions around the world (we know of at least 12!), Because restoring eyesight to blind people is high on the list of scientific priorities. Interestingly, some of them have even implanted patients with appropriate devices, but a lot depends on the cause of the loss of vision and the specific technology. In the case of Australia's Monash University, we are talking about a comprehensive bionic vision system designed for people with damaged optic nerves because it works by bypassing the damage that blocks the transmission of key signals that normally travel between the retina and the brain's visual center.

The US Space Force plans to build the first base on the moon

The extensive preparations for a return to the Silver Globe in 2024 may come as a surprise. Why is the USA so eager to re-occupy our planet's natural satellite. It turns out that the goal is to build Space Forces bases there and protect valuable resources from, for example, China or India, which also want to send their astronauts there.

The Beirut explosion was one of the most powerful in human history

200 victims, 6,000 injured, 300,000 people homeless and damaged buildings in the middle of Lebanon's capital. A team of researchers from Sheffield University set out to find out exactly how powerful the outbreak that took place in the Lebanese capital on August 4 this year was. Research has shown that it had the strength of 1/20 of the bomb dropped on the Japanese Hiroshima.

We discovered as many as 24 extrasolar planets with better living conditions than on Earth

Using data from the Kepler mission, scientists have specifically identified 24 extrasolar planets that may be better adapted than Earth to the emergence and evolution of life. This fascinating discovery, because it cannot be denied that one of the most pressing questions of modern science is about the forms of life anywhere outside our planet. And while we still haven't found any direct evidence, exploration missions like Kepler have contributed a lot to our knowledge of planetary system formation, and have provided researchers with confirmation that it is worth thinking about life outside our solar system other than by speculation.

Starman in his red Tesla Roadster approached Mars

SpaceX has announced that a dummy named Starman has just approached Mars to a record distance of 7 million kilometers on its journey through space. Although this is 20 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon, the fact itself is worth noting, because we are talking about a unique experiment that may end in a very interesting future.

Electric Hummer officially presented. It has a cosmic acceleration

Hummer EV is a power as befits this brand. The vehicle has three electric motors (one on the front axle and two on the rear axle), which in total generate as much as 1,000 HP and 15,590 Nm of torque. Thanks to them, sprinting to a hundred takes just over 3 seconds. This monster, over 2 tons, can therefore race from under the headlights with supercars.

This is how the amazing crab mode works in the new electric Hummer

The Hummer EV will accelerate to a hundred in just over 3 seconds and will accelerate to 200 km / h. However, the most important aspect for off-road enthusiasts is the driveability of this monster. The company says they are amazing. Interestingly, Hummer is to leave behind its competition in the form of the Cybertruck from Tesla.