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She Hulk on Disney + Rick And Morty author makes Marvel series

“She Hulk” on Disney + ‘Rick And Morty “author makes Marvel series

Not least with their contributions to the animated series hit “Rick And Morty” got writer Jessica Gao now at Marvel a foot in the door. Disney + will continue to develop the “She-Hulk” series.

A few months after the announcement of “She-Hulk” (and other series) has to finally have found Jessica Gao also the author who is to + develop the Marvel series as a driving force for Disney. The reports the Hollywood Reporter.

If you just have her no proper picture, do not worry: even the IMDb lists the entry screenwriter previously namely without a picture. That should but probably permanently change with “She-Hulk” at the latest. It is not as if they had not already had success …

This is Jessica Gao

The American has been working as a screenwriter and producer since 2008, especially in the comedy segment. So she worked on series such as “Silicon Valley” and “Robot Chicken”. Their breakthrough finally celebrated with the Adult Swim series “Rick And Morty”.

She pushed in season three for writing team of the popular animated series and drew for “Pickle Rick,” one of the most popular episodes responsible. For her work on the series was in 2018 eventually won the Emmy before she left the show shortly thereafter, to develop a sitcom for ABC. The chance to “She-Hulk” to stage her career, however, could now give the biggest boost yesmovies.

That’s “She-Hulk”

Jennifer Walters is not only a successful lawyer, but also the cousin of Bruce Banner, from which it receives an emergency blood transfusion one day – and then develop similar powers as he. Throughout her comic story it retains its stronger, new form, however, mostly in and is also part of the Avengers as well as the Fantastic Four.

She-Hulk was the last major Marvel character, the comic book icon Stan Lee invented. After their comic debut in 1980, they also celebrated numerous appearances in (mostly animated) TV series. In the early 90’s even a live action film with Brigitte Nielsen ( “Red Sonja”) should follow in the lead role, but was ultimately not realized.

When will “She-Hulk” at Disney +?

Both the fact that the series for the child-friendly streaming service is produced Disney + as well as the commitment of Jessica Gao, mainly plenty of comedy experience brings is currently assumed that the series to Bruce Banner’s cousin is not likely to be too gloomy , But until we get to actually see the first images which then either confirm or refute yet, but it will still take a while.

After once the Marvel series “The Falcon And The Winder Soldier”, “Loki” and “Wanda Vision” appear, we get “She-Hulk” as well as “Moon Knight” and “Ms. Marvel “probably not be seen so quickly. We expect a series start no earlier than the 2,022th

We expect a series start no earlier than the 2,022th