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See the successful Zapata flight on a jet skateboard over the English Channel

Although Zapata did not manage to fly the English Channel on a jet skateboard on the 110th anniversary of Louis Blériot defeating it, he tried again and finally reached his desired goal.

An extreme sports fan started his second flight today (04.08) in French Calais at 8:16 am. 15 minutes later there was a successful refueling of Flyborad Air on the ship, and shortly thereafter, Zapata completed the 35-kilometer route, successfully landing in British Dover.

The inventor and athlete said he was happy to achieve his historic goal. He thanked the team that worked 16 hours a day during the last days to perfectly prepare the entire undertaking. Zapata said he was tired and needs a long vacation.

“It’s the magic of the moment. Whether it’s historic, it’s not my business to judge, the most important thing is what is in our hearts. This is not done for history, but for a crazy challenge, “said Zapata. An extreme sports fan and former world champion in water scooter racing, he revealed that he was flying at a speed between 140 and 170 kilometers per hour on his flying skateboard.

The attempt to cross the English Channel from July 25 failed when refueling the Flyboard Air on a platform on a ship sailing in the middle of this reservoir. Zapata fell into the water then, but nothing happened to him. This time, the inventor rented a larger ship and installed a larger platform on it, along with his crew.

The French army has recently become interested in the Flyboard Air device, which has co-financed over EUR 1 million. The government and army plan to equip soldiers with such inventions so that they can perform various missions in difficult terrain faster and more efficiently. For now, Flyboard Air is quite heavy, expensive and dangerous, so there is still a long way to go to popularize it among extreme sports fans.