Volocopter presents the production version of its flying taxi Until a few years ago, no one believed in the success of this type of transport, but meanwhile it is starting to make a real sensation around the world, although it is still only in the testing phase. Metropolises see its potential.

One of them is Volocopter. It is currently considered to have the most advanced flying vehicles of this type. Last year, the company successfully tested its latest incarnation of the invention, the Volocopter 2X, in a German city. The machine took off from the airport located near the Mercedes headquarters. Engineers tested all machine systems.

Now the company has presented the production version of its flying taxi, which was created on the basis of prototypes. The vehicle is called Volocity, it can fly in autonomous mode, take two people on board and transport them at a speed of up to 105 km / h for a distance of up to 35 kilometers.

Volocity is a VTOL machine, i.e. capable of vertical take-offs torrent sites directory landings. The vehicle is powered by 18 efficient electric motors. German engineers believe that such a solution ensures full safety for passengers. Even if two engines fail, the vehicle can continue its flight with standard parameters without any problems.

Interestingly, the Volocopter 2X last year became the first vehicle of this type in the world to successfully fly directly from the apron of the international airport to one of the business centers. These are the routes that Volocity will most often travel in the future.

The Volocopter company is strongly supported by engineers from Daimler. Together, they want to create a small, and ultimately also a large version of a flying taxi. It is supposed to be the most economical and safe vehicle in the world. Although the competition in this field is fierce, the Germans believe in their success, after all, they have extensive experience in building various types of vehicles.

The German government intends to introduce this type of transport of the future to most of the cities there within 5 years. With its help, transport from airports to business centers is to be improved. It's no secret that flying taxis are not and will not be intended for ordinary bread eaters, but for VIPs who need to move quickly around cities and countries, and this type of vehicles will provide them with this.