This is how the amazing crab mode works in the new electric Hummer General Motors has finally unveiled a new incarnation of the king of the road in an electric version. The vehicle was received by fans of the brand with great enthusiasm, and they were most pleased with its possibilities.

The Hummer EV will accelerate to a hundred in just over 3 seconds and will accelerate to 200 km / h. However, the most important aspect for off-road enthusiasts is the driveability of this monster. The company says they are amazing. Interestingly, Hummer is to leave behind its competition in the form of the Cybertruck from Tesla.

This is to be done, inter alia, through the crab mode. As you might have guessed, it's all about the correct wheel alignment. And it really is. The vehicle will have all-wheel drive, but they will also turn at a greater angle than in conventional vehicles. Thanks to this, happy owners of Hummer EVs will be able to easily and quickly traverse very tight spaces between rocks.

Crab mode is tech advices sensational addition that so far it has not been available in vehicles that will be as popular as the Hummer. GM boasts that in some cases only with its help will it be possible to overcome difficult terrain. This means that the Hummer EV will have a certain technological advantage over the competition, especially Cybertruck.

In addition to the crab mode, the GM monster will have adaptive air suspension that allows you to adjust the ground clearance in the range from 20 to 43 cm and the UltraVision system, which is based on 18 cameras and provides a 360-degree image of the vehicle's surroundings. All these systems are designed to help you overcome even the most demanding off-road.