There was a cataclysm? Richard Browning will help with his jetpack Richard Browning recently unveiled his latest JetSuit in action on a military high-seas boat landing mission, and now we can see him in the role of a Sky Lifeguard.

The inventor and reservist of the Royal Marines has just supported the troops of the British organization ServeOn, which helps in the event of various natural disasters. Its rescuers can quickly reach the site of the disaster and organize help for the inhabitants. The organization has the most modern technological achievements, thanks to which the actions are conducted fully professionally.

Richard Browning thought he would take part in one of the recently organized exercises. He showed up there with his jetpack called JetSuit. Thanks to this innovative device, he quickly and efficiently reached the indicated place, which was practically cut off from the world, and provided the rescuers with the necessary equipment.

The ServeOn organization intends to use JetSuit from Gravity Industries on the occasion of subsequent exercises and in the event of disasters. The head of the organization said that this type of technology is the future of helping victims around the world. The organization also intends to take advantage of the amazing opportunities of robo-dogs from Boston Dynamics, which have recently been officially sold.

Let us remind you that the jetpack from Gravity Industries now has a power of up to 1000 HP. We are talking here about the most advanced device of this type in the world that you can buy. The entire JetSuit is an exoskeleton with five turbines attached to it, two on each arm and one on the back. The whole structure not only looks neat, but also does not restrict movements and brings to mind the possibilities of Iron Man armor.