The US Space Force plans to build the first base on the moon The Pentagon has presented very interesting plans to control and protect the Earth's orbit and objects traversing the Solar System by the American army. Everything indicates that the return to the moon has a slightly different dimension.

The extensive preparations for a return to the Silver Globe in 2024 may come as a surprise. Why is the USA so eager to re-occupy our planet's natural satellite. It turns out that the goal is to build Space Forces bases there and protect valuable resources from, for example, China or India, which also want to send their astronauts there.

The US Army recently announced plans to build a military space station for soldiers and robots. Now we hear about the technologi of military facilities also on the lunar surface. For a good start in orbit, a small module will be created in which experiments will be carried out for the purpose of testing a fleet of satellites, space vehicles and various secret technologies.

In the longer term, a normal space station will be built, where soldiers and robots such as ATLAS or Valkyrie will be stationed together. The home for the US Space Force is said to be the most technologically advanced facility in human history. We can expect artificial gravity generating systems and secret space vehicle mooring ports to function there.

The Pentagon plans to build the first base on the Silver Globe in the 1920s. John Shaw, the leader of the American Space Command, emphasized that the US must have military units in Earth's orbit, as well as the Moon and asteroids. They will protect the technologies developed on our planet, including the 5G network, but also colonizers and valuable resources from enemies. He means China or Russia, which are also planning to start the era of space mining.

This fact should come as no surprise. Star Wars has already become a fact. Powers send more and more advanced installations into orbit, not only for surveillance of enemies, but also capable of destroying other devices. As they cost billions of dollars and will play a key role in the US's strategic development projects, they need to be better protected.

The Pentagon has already started working with NASA to prepare projects, both building a military space station and the first military base on the moon. Shaw believes the initial plans will be realized in this decade. The units created outside the Earth will contain both soldiers and advanced robots. Of course, there will be more and more of the latter.