Starman in his red Tesla Roadster approached Mars Does anyone remember the maiden flight of the powerful Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX? During it, a vehicle from Tesla was sent into space, which flew towards the Red Planet.

SpaceX has announced that a dummy named Starman has just approached Mars to a record distance of 7 million kilometers on its journey through space. Although this is 20 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon, the fact itself is worth noting, because we are talking about a unique experiment that may end in a very interesting future.

Starman in his Roadster orbits our day star in 557 days. Unfortunately, the Tesla dummy will not come close to Earth soon. Experts calculate that the next meeting during which we will be able to see the vehicle with the naked eye may not take place until 2091. Elon Musk has a sinister plan to intercept a vehicle that could be auctioned off in the future and sold for billions of dollars. The only question is, in what condition will it be then and where will it be delivered, to Earth, or maybe already to the base on Mars ?!

Starman and his red athlete will naturally not fall to Earth or Mars faster than in best tech guides few million years. Experts are not yet able to calculate a specific date, but it is certain that it will eventually happen. Currently, the first generation Roadster has already traveled more than 2 billion kilometers in space, so it is now the vehicle with the highest mileage in history.

Elon Musk says that it is in a way a hibernation chamber for terrestrial bacteria or tardigrades that traveled with it on a journey through space. After all, they are also a backup of earthly life. Should a mass extinction of species ever occur on our planet, such an unusual microbial bank will allow survivors or alien civilizations to try to recreate life on Earth, or at least learn its history.