SpaceX will build constellations of nuclear alarm satellites for the Pentagon Once again, one of Elon Musk's companies will cooperate with the American government for military purposes. This time, SpaceX is to prepare and launch technologically advanced microsatellites into orbit.

SpaceX has won a historic tender worth nearly $ 150 million. Under the agreement, Elon Musk's engineers are to build a cosmic superconstellation capable of detecting and tracking incoming hypersonic missiles from China and Russia. The devices are to be in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

The Pentagon revealed that SpaceX is to deliver 4 light satellites by September 2022 for a good start. If the device meets the hopes placed in them, there will be further contracts. The US government has plans to build several constellations. In total, they will consist of over 50 microsatellites. Some will be used to detect hypersonic nuclear weapons, the other for missile guidance, and others for super-fast communication that will connect command centers with spacecraft, planes, drones, ships and land vehicles. It is supposed to be something like a military space internet.

SpaceX is to equip the satellites with advanced electro-optical infrared sensors (OPIR) with a wide field of observation. web tutorials top are supposed to communicate with each other optically. Data will be transmitted from satellite to satellite and further to the Earth's surface.

This is not the only government contract for Elon Musk's company. SpaceX is to provide the Pentagon with its space internet called Starlink. The army is to test it over the next few years, and if it proves successful in battle, a military version of such a constellation will be built. It is not known when it will happen yet, but it is certain that it will be the first half of the 1920s.