Mountain rescuers helping with jetpacks? You're welcome Recently, Richard Browning and his soldiers landed on warships and provided equipment to the rescue workers who fought the flood, and now you will see him as a mountain rescuer.

Inventor and reservist of the Royal Marines this time took part in mountain rescue training in the Lake District in Great Britain. In the course of his mission, his task was to get to the point of call by air using his jetpack and provide aid to the injured.

As you can see in the footage published by his company Gravity Industries, Browning did the job perfectly, although it was not easy. The creator of JetSuit arrived at the summon in just 90 seconds. This action is normally performed by a helicopter, top technology guides takes about 25 minutes to reach the call point.

Richard Browning more and more often takes part in all sorts of military and rescue exercises, where he teaches volunteers to use his jetpack. Gravity Industries will provide JetSuity to UK rescue teams so that they can do their jobs much faster and more efficiently.