Elon Musk: The sun can power an entire civilization. We're going to build a Dyson sphere The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has very ambitious goals that are not only related to our planet. He is building the most powerful rocket in history and at the same time wants to give the world new technologies of obtaining energy from renewable sources.

Elon Musk said we should appreciate our day star more because it is a slow fusion reactor from which we can draw a virtually unlimited amount of energy. The sun can easily satisfy the energy needs of all mankind, and even dozens of such civilizations, because every second it converts 4 million tons of its matter into pure energy.

We can obtain it in many ways, but at the moment we should most invest in technologies that use the sun's rays to generate electricity. The billionaire here means solar farms and solar power plants. They currently have much higher efficiency and a lower price than a few years ago.

You can imagine that if Poland were able to process all the solar energy reaching the Earth's air, we would have 300 times more electricity than is produced in all power plants in the world. Now it is enough to realize how small Poland is in the scale of the whole planet, and you have to remember that only a handful of sun rays reach the Earth.

Elon Musk said that solar panels will be the future of energy development for individuals, and artificial suns for large groups of people. Fusion reactors torrent websites directory allow us to build tiny stars on the Earth's surface and draw exorbitant amounts of energy from them. However, the billionaire stressed that they will never be a better solution than using the sun itself.

Why? Since energy will have to be added to fusion reactors, but the Sun is different, it is also a much safer solution, because hydrogen / water on Earth may run out someday and the Sun will still exist for billions of years. The head of SpaceX and Tesla proposes to start planning the construction of the Dyson sphere, a huge structure that would completely surround the star, making it possible to use almost all the energy radiated by the star for the benefit of our civilization.

At first, they may be some larger photovoltaic installations, and then more and more megastructures. Everything according to the needs of humanity. Musk will soon have at his disposal the most powerful rocket in history, which can be used to build the first space structures for the creation of the Dyson sphere and the extraction of resources from asteroids.