Do you want to go to the ISS? In this TV show, it can be won Those eager to experience adventures on the International Space Station have a unique chance to make their dreams come true, because a flight to the ISS can be won in one of the TV programs.

Space Hero, because that's what we're talking about, is a new reality show whose goal is to send one of the participants into space, and more specifically on a 10-day vacation to the International Space Station. However, it is worth emphasizing that those interested must win this award on their own, because, according to the Deadline website, there will be a series of backbreaking trainings on the way, during which specialists will test their physical, mental and emotional strength. The final of the competition can be followed live, because the idea is that in the last episode, it is the viewers who will decide by voting who deserves the most victory and the unique prize, which will be realized in 2023.

Then, the program will feature materials from the winner's journey, his stay at the ISS and his return home - the startup Axiom Space will be responsible for training the future "astronaut" and his journey, and all the fun will be costly. Of course, no one decided to provide specific numbers, but as CNBC speculates, based in part on information officially released by NASA, we are talking about at least 50 million dollars, plus an additional fee for the American space agency, which is $ 35,000 for night spent on the ISS, explaining that with living expenses. Unfortunately, Space Hero and Axiom Space have not yet decided to comment on this matter, so we are waiting for official information.