DC Disappointment: Wonder Woman 1984 is almost a complete failure

Since last week, German film fans have finally been able to watch Wonder Woman 1984. The DC sequel is available to stream exclusively from Sky * before it opens in cinemas.

Our colleague Yves from the video team is also a big comic film fan and watched the blockbuster straight away. Since Patty Jenkins’s first Wonder Woman part is even the best DCEU film for him, his disappointment with the sequel is all the greater.

Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't have much more positive things to offer

In his video review of the DC sequel, Yves first praised the few aspects of the film that were successful for him. As in Part 1, he finds Gal Gadot fantastic in the lead role. In his opinion, the dynamic between her and Chris Pine as the bizarre resurrected Steve Trevor is again a hit. Yves was also very convinced of Diana's character development in the film.

Check out Yves' full video review of Wonder Woman 1984 here!

After that there is no more praise for the DC sequel. Instead, he explains why the film disappointed him so badly. This is mainly due to the script. For Yves, Wonder Woman 1984 has one of the dumbest, craziest and most bizarre stories he has ever seen in a superhero film.

It doesn't look any better with many characters. Figures like Barbara Minerva played by Kristen Goldmovies or The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal as villain Maxwell Lord are an embarrassing failure for Yves.

Overall, Wonder Woman 1984 seems more like a silly cartoon episode to him. Since he still loves part 1, after the totally disappointing sequel, Yves is still excited to see how the franchise will continue in the future with the third part, which has already been confirmed.

The podcast continues to discuss Wonder Woman 1984

In the new episode of their podcast, our FILMSTARTS colleagues discuss Wonder Woman 1984. One of three likes the new DC blockbuster very much - and he stands firm.

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