Air highways for drones will be built. The first one will appear in Great Britain Drones are the future of the development of many industries. The most important, however, will be deliveries made with them. Thanks to them, we will receive the ordered goods much faster. The UK has a plan to facilitate such deliveries.

The government is creating a project to build the first air highway for transport drones. In the future, such special air corridors will connect all the cities of this country, and thanks to them, the highest level of safety for residents will be ensured and the quality of delivery services of the largest companies, used by millions of British people, will increase.

The motorway was renamed the Arrow Drone Zone and will start off in the city of Reading, west of London. The district authorities inform that the entire zone will be approximately 8 kilometers long and 500 meters wide. The idea is to designate special air corridors in which large and heavy drones with loads will be able to move.

The first experimental highway will be tested by logistics companies. If the tests are successful, the authorities will create more such zones over other UK cities. Corridors are to run over sparsely populated areas. It's about safety issues, but also ensuring silence, as transport drones are quite noisy machines. At the same time, drone routes are to be marked in such a way that deliveries are carried out as quickly as possible.

British highways for drones will be used by Uber, Amazon and many domestic companies willing to offer their customers super-fast deliveries of the products they need. Experts estimate that this type of transport of goods is a business worth billions of dollars. This industry is developing the fastest in China, where drone transports take place between areas with poorly developed road infrastructure.