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New to Netflix A cult masterpiece with Johnny Depp a Mindfuck masterpiece by Charlie Kaufmann and more

New to Netflix: A cult masterpiece with Johnny Depp, a Mindfuck masterpiece by Charlie Kaufmann and more

With the cult film “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” and the brand new “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” you can now stream two different, bizarre and disturbing masterpieces on Netflix. But there are also other recommended titles …

Just in time for the weekend, Netflix is ​​adding a lot of new film material, but in contrast to so many other weeks, this time there are a number of recommended titles.

It starts with “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”. Director Terry Gilliam’s cult drug trip is made up of prominent figures with Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro and numerous other stars. The conclusion of our 4.5-star review: “With his vision of the cult book, Terry Gilliam stages a bizarre spectacle of shapes and colors that spread like an LSD intoxication in the hotel rooms and bars.”

“Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”

The review for “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”

Similarly bizarre, similarly wacky and above all at least as good is “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” by Charlie Kaufman, who works as a screenwriter (“Being John Malkovich”, “Adaption”) as well as a director (“Synecdoche, New York “,” Anomalisa “) as a specialist for everything bizarre and fascinating and has now made his first film for Netflix.

“I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”

The review for “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”

In “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” a young woman (Jessie Buckley) travels with her boyfriend Jake (Jesse Plemons) to see his parents. The thought of ending the relationship has long since settled in her head. And that’s just the beginning of a bizarre, disturbing evening …

Other highlights new to Netflix

“The Discovery of Infinity”: Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his performance as physics genius Stephen Hawking. There were a total of four other Academy Award nominations and received 4 out of 5 stars for an “emotionally charming biopic drama”.

“The discovery of infinity”

The review for “The Discovery of Infinity”

“A Million Ways To Die In The West”: The second feature film directorial work by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane is a star-studded Western parody. Conclusion of our 3.5-star review: “As coarse as it is funny, as rough as it is charming, as headstrong as it is suitable for the masses – and despite the fact that there is hardly any action, it is unique”.

“A Million Ways To Die In The West”

The review for “A Million Ways To Die In The West”

“Dante’s Peak”: 90s disaster actioner with Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. We gave it 3 stars for “superficial but thoroughly pleasing entertainment cinema that offers great viewing values ​​and flat figures Gostream.”

“Dante’s Peak”

The review for “Dante’s Peak”

In addition, the science fiction series “Away” starts on September 4th with Hilary Swank as the commander of a spaceship that is embarking on a three-year journey to Mars. Since we haven’t seen “Away” yet, we can’t tell you what we think the series is good for, but the first trailer looks very promising: