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Mouthwash not for sports people. And it’s not about alcohol …

We have just got intriguing research that suggests that the beneficial decrease in blood pressure following physical activity is initiated by bacteria found in the mouth, which means one . top technology guides. top technology guides.

We should not kill them using mouthwash. At least, this is the opinion of researchers at the University of Plymouth, who found that antibacterial mouthwashes also remove the bacteria we need, significantly reducing the benefits of physical exertion. As research author Raul Bescos explains: – Scientists already know that blood vessels expand during exercise. When nitric oxide production increases, vasodilation occurs, which is the relaxation of smooth muscles in the wall of blood vessels, as a result of which the vascular lumen expands and blood pressure decreases.

– The secret, however, is how the increased blood circulation stays at this level after exercise, triggering the body’s response in the form of reduced blood pressure known as post-workout hypotension. However, researchers began to speculate that the answer may be bacteria found in the mouth, so they decided to conduct appropriate tests involving 23 healthy adults whose task was to run on a treadmill.

After half an hour of exercise, the participants were asked to rinse their mouth 4 times in 2 hours with an antibacterial mouthwash or a placebo – blood pressure was measured before training and 2 hours later, saliva and blood samples were also taken. After comparing the results, it turned out that in the placebo group blood pressure one hour after exercise was significantly lower than in the group using the actual mouthwash, which reduced the beneficial effect of exercise by 60%.

What’s more, nitrites were only present in the blood group of the placebo group, suggesting that these molecules are the key to putting the body into a state of post-workout hypotension and it is very easy to stop the whole process by simply killing the relevant bacteria. According to the researchers: – These discoveries are very important because they finally allow us to understand how our bodies react to physical effort in the first phase of regeneration, initiating processes that lower blood pressure and oxygenation of muscles.

Interestingly, we have also recently learned that regular use of mouthwash can increase resting blood pressure, so there is clearly a connection between bacteria in the mouth and the general state of our health that is worth examining. Researchers also say that it is not about stopping the use of mouthwash at all, but it is better not to do it after training, and people with hypertension should actually think about stopping it.