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Mobile Sony will try its hand at the market of foldable smartphones with flexible screens

Could the Japanese not learn anything from competition mistakes? Or maybe they have definitely better technology than Samsung or Huawei, who after the initial delight had to move the premieres of their smartphones?

After the faltering of the two largest mobile players, other smartphone makers definitely fell silent in terms of their folded devices, although Oppo, Xiaomi and even Microsoft have already announced the launch of the relevant models. It seems, however, that Sony has not been bothered by the initial failures of its competitors, i.e. the defective first party of Galaxy Fold, and the release of Mate X, which is unspecified in the future, and soon we will get to know the first Japanese device with a flexible display.

It is all the more surprising that the mobile department of the company is not doing well and has recently been the victim of serious cuts. What’s more, Sony does not put here a simple panel folded in half, vertically or horizontally, but a wound construction. It seems so unlikely that the Japanese company specializes in LCD screens, which do not seem to be the best option for flexible displays, and most rivals can not imagine a choice here like OLED panels – probably because the panel will be responsible LG Display.

Anyway, as one of Twitter’s users reports, Max J. (aka @Samsung_News_), well known for leaks about Samsung, the decision has already been made, and the market premiere is not far removed in time. As we find out by the way, the Sony smartphone is to be driven by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip with the X5,0 modem, which means that the device will be fully ready for 5G technology. What’s more, we can count on a battery with a capacity of 3230 mAh and a camera with 10x zoom, which is an absolute novelty in the portfolio of the concern.

The most interesting, however, is to be the aforementioned foldable display construction called Nautilus Design, which has a chance to mess quite well in the market. It is true that it is difficult to imagine it in everyday use, but maybe after the official presentation all doubts will disappear. When can we expect it? If the leaks prove to be real and Sony actually works on such a smartphone and wants to launch it at the turn of this and next year, it will probably be soon. So we wait!