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Militaria A new orbiter station for the American Space Forces will be created

The Pentagon has ambitious plans to take over the Earth’s orbit and control everything that goes on there, and there will be a lot going on in the 1920s. A military space station will help.

The US Department of Defense wants to create, as soon as possible, installations on the Earth’s orbit that will allow the new troop to function normally. The latest information suggests that the whole project will cost $ 3.6 billion, will be implemented between 2020 and 2024 and will require the employment of new at least 6,000 staff members.

A small module will be created for a good start in orbit, during which experiments will be carried out for the testing of the fleet of satellites, space vehicles and various secret technologies. In the longer perspective, a normal space station will be created, where soldiers and robots will be stationed together, such as ATLAS or Valkyrie (see here).

Apparently, the home for US Space Forces is to be the most technologically advanced object in human history. We can expect the functioning of systems generating artificial gravity and ports for mooring of secret space vehicles.

The Pentagon also plans to build the first military facility on the Moon. It would be created in parallel with the first human colony, which is more or less in the second half of the 1920s. Space establishments will have the task of observing and guarding the Earth’s orbit and the Moon’s environment from hostile countries such as China, Russia and India.

Soon, the Pentagon will have at its disposal space planes, capable of free and fast flights to Earth’s orbit, satellite-robots to destroy enemy space installations, space-powered nuclear vehicles and such propulsion, capable of orbital impacts, and orbital modules and eventually port cosmic, in which cosmic troops of soldiers or robots can permanently be stationed.

“Our opponents are already in space, regardless of whether we like it or not. What we are doing will be done by us. These actions will be as much defensive as offensive, but now we will be polite and we will only talk about defensive intentions, “declared Donald Trump.

Maybe all this sounds unbelievable, but during the Cold War, funds for armaments and the development of space technologies were virtually limitless. It is thanks to this that the engineers from the USSR and the US have created inventions that still amaze with their momentum. They helped us to conquer the Silver Globe, and now a new race will help us to live on it and create the first bases on Mars.

On the occasion of space stations, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the International Space Station, which will be financed by 2030, a Chinese, Russian, Indian and international Lunar Space Station will be built in space in the coming years.