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Hyperloop travel is no longer a fairy tale. Establishment of the European Center for the Future Railway

The development of the high-speed vacuum railway is interested in many companies in the world that want to change their systems of traveling around the continents and the whole planet. Hyperloop is no longer a fiction, only reality.

The European investment fund EIT InnoEnergy is the best example of the fact that the vision of Elon Muska begins to take place before our eyes. His representatives have announced the successful completion of two years of feasibility tests of the future railways in Europe.

The next step will be the construction of the first 3 km track and the testing of innovative technology that will allow you to change the capsule lane, as well as turn them on and off from the network, without the need for moving parts. This will allow maximum reduction of energy losses, and thus reduce operating costs and future rail travel.

The well-known companies such as Hardt, Bosch, Continental, Prysmian, ABB, Tata Steel, Royal Bam Group and Goudsmit have become involved in the Hyperloop construction project. The European Hyperloop Center will also have strong support from the European Union authorities. Most likely, the first commercial route of the future will be built in Germany, and more precisely in the port of Hamburg. The goal is fast transport between container terminals. The first section of the vacuum and magnetic railway is to be 100 meters long, but ultimately thousands of kilometers.

The Germans want to check how this technology will work in a fast and, in principle, cheap transport of loads between key places in the port, and then after scattered throughout the country. Of course, it will not be a job for 4 years, but in the course of them is to build a network stretching for tens of kilometers outside of Hamburg.

Although the implementation of such a futuristic investment is not cheap, because the construction of only one kilometer of the track is 20 million euros, the game is worth the candle, because thanks to Hyperloop you can eliminate the heavy and very degrading natural environment of road transport, and this is the future of humanity.

The Hamburg authorities, with the help of the railways of the future, also want to solve the problem of traffic jams in the city and even better communicate this German metropolis with the rest of the country. In addition to the Hyperloop transport version, a passenger will also be built. Such devices are almost ready and they were presented by Hyperloop Transportation Technology (HTT) and Virgin Hyperloop One. This first company is developing its project under the French Toulouse, where the first functional railway track in Europe is being built.

Germany is very interested in the Hyperloop, which according to a larger plan is to supplement the high-speed railway that is still being developed in this country. At the beginning, transport of people and goods is to take place in our neighbors with speeds reaching up to 700 km / h, but ultimately it will be set up by Muska over 1200 km / h. The emergence of the first practical Hyperloop rail will certainly encourage the implementation of similar projects also other countries of the Old Continent. That is why it is so important to make the first step.

We support our neighbors, but we keep our fingers crossed for Polish engineers from Hyper Poland who create Hyperloop technologies in our beautiful country. The first test episode of this technology in Poland is expected to appear this year. The demonstration track is to be 48 meters long and will be built in Warsaw. In the next phase of the project’s development, a section of 500 meters will be built near Żmigród. This will be the introduction to the development of your Hyperloop concept. Engineers plan that the first utilitarian railway route will be built in 3 to 5 years, will connect Warsaw with Łódź and Wrocław and will offer super-fast transports of goods for enterprises and courier companies.