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Huawei presents Ascend 910, the most powerful AI processor in the world

Eric Xu, current Huawei boss, announces the launch of the Ascend 910 AI processor and MindSpore AI computing platform. These are the most powerful artificial intelligence systems that will greatly accelerate its development in the world.

Huawei revealed that the Ascend 910 processor for the so-called half precision, offers a performance of 256 teraflops, or 256 trillion floating point operations per second. Interestingly, when calculating on whole numbers, the yield increases to 512 teraflops. This is an absolute record for this type of unit, but engineers boast that despite such performance, the maximum power consumption of the processor is only 310 W technology advices.

The Chinese have built their processor to train artificial intelligence based on ResNet-50. It should be emphasized here that the tandem of the Ascend 910 processor and MindSpore computing system is twice as efficient as currently the fastest models in the world using the TensorFlow library, leading companies from the world of technology.

Huawei hopes that their new systems will help in the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology for the benefit of humanity, and above all for useful robots and safe autonomous cars. The company plans that MindSpore will enter the open source market in the first quarter of 2020.