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Gas stations on the Earth’s orbit? The Orbit Fab company plans to create the entire network

The 1920s promise to be great in terms of the development of the space industry. More and more companies want to implement projects that we have seen so far only in sci-fi films. One of them are gas stations in space.

One of such corporations is Orbit Fab. Her plans include an incredible investment. It is the construction of the whole network of orbital service stations. They will be created for the needs of private companies operating on a daily basis in the space industry and having their installations in space.

There are more and more key satellites in orbit. Every now and then new ones join them. All installations are fueled with various types of fuel. The Orbit Fab company wants to offer their owners a service system so that they can serve them as long as possible.

Before Orbit Fab, a very hard task has to be implemented. So far no one has built such an installation in orbit, so it will be a pioneering step, but very important. In the future, NASA and SpaceX have similar plans, which intend to build gas stations for the needs of distant space missions.

Gas stations on the Earth’s orbit? Orbit Fab plans to create their entire network to power the satellites. Fig. NASA.

Then Orbit Fab will be able to serve them with experience. The head of the company is Daniel Faber, who until recently worked for Deep Space Industries. Let us remind you that it is one of the two corporations involved in creating technologies for the needs of space mining.

Some time ago, DARPA also reported that he was working on a spy satellite service system. However, unlike Orbit Fab, the military agency wants to not only supply fuel to the satellites, but also to exchange various components.