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Chinese companies present vehicles of the future with a 5G network on board

In the Middle Kingdom, new companies are growing like mushrooms after rain, creating tomorrow’s technologies for fully electric and autonomous vehicles. This is where a new motorized Silicon Valley is being built at a rapid pace.

The best example of the power of Chinese technological thought can be the company Human Horizons, which just presented a vehicle called HiPhi 1. Under this rather-sounding name, however, is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles, which was only built in the history of motoring.

For his design corresponds the cream of the most important constructors on a daily basis operating in such companies as: Ford, General Motors, Jaguar and Land Rover. They have all over the years gained experience in the industry in the largest corporations from all over the world, and now they are returning to China and together they are setting up companies there that will change the unmatched car market.

HiPhi 1 is currently in the prototype phase, but now it has all the attributes to become the most desired on the market by all fans of the latest technology and waiting for a fresh breeze among boring and similar to each other on city streets.

On the deck of the vehicle, the benefits of the 5G future network were used. Although in Poland and in a large part of the Old Continent, tests of this technology are still under way, in Asia it is slowly becoming a standard, and even research centers aimed at the development of the 6G network are being created.

HiPhi 1 will be literally packed with state-of-the-art technology, which, using the 5G network, will not only ensure comfort levels of happy owners of Human Horizons vehicles, but also drivers of other vehicles and city residents. The vehicle will support Smart City solutions, meaning its existence will positively affect the problem of traffic jams, parking spaces and pollution.

Above all, there will be artificial intelligence, which is based on as many as 562 sensors. She will watch the driver’s and passengers’ driving habits and habits on a regular basis, learn and meet their needs when the need arises.

The Chinese invention, measuring 5.2 meters in length, will also give its owners a lot of excitement while driving. Powerful batteries and electric motors will allow you to accelerate to hundreds in less than 3.9 seconds, acceleration to 250 km / h and a range of 640 kilometers. On board you will find luxurious, reclining armchairs, large multimedia screens and a great audio system.