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Biohackers gets 2nd season on Netflix – two returnees confirmed

“Biohackers” gets 2nd season on Netflix – two returnees confirmed

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of the series, but it’s official: The Netflix series “Biohackers” is being extended for a second season. Luna Wedler and Jessica Schwarz return.

As the industry magazine Deadline was able to exclusively confirm, the gene thriller series “Biohackers” will be extended by a second season. After the cliffhanger end of the first season, everything else would be tantamount to kidding the viewers through Netflix.

The returnees

Showrunner Christian Ditter and his co-director Tim Trachte will also be there in the second season of “Biohackers”, Luna Wedler and Jessica Schwarz will again be in front of the camera as medical students Mia Ackerland and geniusly questionable bio-professor Prof. Tanja Lorenz. Shooting will take place again in Freiburg and Munich.

Since filming should start in the coming months, the new episodes should be published on Netflix in 2021.

According to Christian Ditter, everything should remain the same XMOVIES8. Biohacking and the illegal modification of human genes are still the focus, more is not yet known. Maybe the mosquitoes will play a role again?

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