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Astronomy Artificial Intelligence has created the perfect Universe. “It’s inconceivable to us”

The researchers built a special neural network, the task of which was to create a virtual version of the Universe. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence without a large portion of information began to reproduce its structure perfectly.

Astronomers are shocked because they do not know and can not understand how it came about that the model in their work is so perfect. It all started with an experiment, during which scientists began to teach the neural network, providing it with a base of 8,000 pre-prepared space simulations. Her task was to analyze them and begin to modify in order to discover the most probable and coherent model.

Artificial intelligence called Deep Density Displacement Model (D ^ 3M) has already absorbed knowledge, scientists have commissioned it to create a complete new model of the cube-shaped Universe with a diameter of 600 million light years, which is much smaller than the real one, whose diameter of the observed space is 93 billion light years .

Scientists from the Flatiron Institute wanted to focus on the issue of gravity in space, because it is still the greatest mystery to them. So they introduced data to the IS regarding dark matter, which is another great mystery of the Universe. To their surprise, the neural network easily dealt with this breakneck sentence and presented amazing results.

“It’s like teaching the software to recognize images with lots of photos of cats and dogs, and then it turns out that it is also able to recognize elephants,” said Shirley Ho, leader of the research team at the Flatiron Institute. Although scientists can not understand how this happened, they hope that such a powerful and promising artificial intelligence system will help them discover and understand the greatest mysteries of the cosmos, and among them the essence and role of dark matter, dark energy and various energy objects.