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Ambient Mode in the Google Assistant will allow you to change devices into smart displays

Mobile devices working under the control of this OS of the American giant are already multifunctional from the base, but the new option will further expand their capabilities.

Google regularly provides us with updates that bring new innovations to Android, not only in terms of the ability to customize the system to the individual needs of the user, but also functionality. Just mention the recent Android Auto, which turns your smartphone or tablet into a dedicated car dashboard, enabling hands-free navigation, receiving and making calls or managing music technology boss.

Now the American company has used the Berlin IFA 2019 that is just starting to present a new mode for the Google Assistant, namely Ambient Mode. In a simplified way, it allows you to turn your device working under Android control into a smart display in the style of Google Nest Hub, which is one of the company’s solutions for smartdom. This allows, for example, to constantly display the calendar, weather information, notifications, reminders, control music and other smart devices at home – it will also automatically display a photo gallery from a connected Google account.

Of course, you can doubt the legitimacy of such a solution for a smartphone, since the manufacturer previously released a separate device dedicated to the home, which is better adapted for this purpose, even in this respect that when we leave the house, the other household members are not left without a control unit. If you use your own device for this purpose, however, we have the option of choosing it, and we limit the number of owned devices, which for many people is important – in short, it is always good to have a choice.