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Volocopter presents the production version of its flying taxi

Volocopter presents the production version of its flying taxiUntil a few years ago, no one believed in the success of this type of transport, but meanwhile it is starting to make a real sensation around the world, although it is still only in the testing phase. Metropolises see its potential.

One of them is Volocopter. It is currently considered to have the most advanced flying vehicles of this type. Last year, the company successfully tested its latest incarnation of the invention, the Volocopter 2X, in a German city. The machine took off from the airport located near the Mercedes headquarters. Engineers tested all machine systems.

Now the company has presented the production version of its flying taxi, which was created on the basis of prototypes. The vehicle is called Volocity, it can fly in autonomous mode, take two people on board and transport them at a speed of up to 105 km / h for a distance of up to 35 kilometers.

Volocity is a VTOL machine, i.e. capable of vertical take-offs torrent sites directory landings. The vehicle is powered by 18 efficient electric motors. German engineers believe that such a solution ensures full safety for passengers. Even if two engines fail, the vehicle can continue its flight with standard parameters without any problems.

Interestingly, the Volocopter 2X last year became the first vehicle of this type in the world to successfully fly directly from the apron of the international airport to one of the business centers. These are the routes that Volocity will most often travel in the future.

The Volocopter company is strongly supported by engineers from Daimler. Together, they want to create a small, and ultimately also a large version of a flying taxi. It is supposed to be the most economical and safe vehicle in the world. Although the competition in this field is fierce, the Germans believe in their success, after all, they have extensive experience in building various types of vehicles.

The German government intends to introduce this type of transport of the future to most of the cities there within 5 years. With its help, transport from airports to business centers is to be improved. It's no secret that flying taxis are not and will not be intended for ordinary bread eaters, but for VIPs who need to move quickly around cities and countries, and this type of vehicles will provide them with this.

The US Space Force plans to build the first base on the moon

The US Space Force plans to build the first base on the moonThe Pentagon has presented very interesting plans to control and protect the Earth's orbit and objects traversing the Solar System by the American army. Everything indicates that the return to the moon has a slightly different dimension.

The extensive preparations for a return to the Silver Globe in 2024 may come as a surprise. Why is the USA so eager to re-occupy our planet's natural satellite. It turns out that the goal is to build Space Forces bases there and protect valuable resources from, for example, China or India, which also want to send their astronauts there.

The US Army recently announced plans to build a military space station for soldiers and robots. Now we hear about the technologi of military facilities also on the lunar surface. For a good start in orbit, a small module will be created in which experiments will be carried out for the purpose of testing a fleet of satellites, space vehicles and various secret technologies.

In the longer term, a normal space station will be built, where soldiers and robots such as ATLAS or Valkyrie will be stationed together. The home for the US Space Force is said to be the most technologically advanced facility in human history. We can expect artificial gravity generating systems and secret space vehicle mooring ports to function there.

The Pentagon plans to build the first base on the Silver Globe in the 1920s. John Shaw, the leader of the American Space Command, emphasized that the US must have military units in Earth's orbit, as well as the Moon and asteroids. They will protect the technologies developed on our planet, including the 5G network, but also colonizers and valuable resources from enemies. He means China or Russia, which are also planning to start the era of space mining.

This fact should come as no surprise. Star Wars has already become a fact. Powers send more and more advanced installations into orbit, not only for surveillance of enemies, but also capable of destroying other devices. As they cost billions of dollars and will play a key role in the US's strategic development projects, they need to be better protected.

The Pentagon has already started working with NASA to prepare projects, both building a military space station and the first military base on the moon. Shaw believes the initial plans will be realized in this decade. The units created outside the Earth will contain both soldiers and advanced robots. Of course, there will be more and more of the latter.

Mountain rescuers helping with jetpacks? You're welcome

Mountain rescuers helping with jetpacks? You're welcomeRecently, Richard Browning and his soldiers landed on warships and provided equipment to the rescue workers who fought the flood, and now you will see him as a mountain rescuer.

Inventor and reservist of the Royal Marines this time took part in mountain rescue training in the Lake District in Great Britain. In the course of his mission, his task was to get to the point of call by air using his jetpack and provide aid to the injured.

As you can see in the footage published by his company Gravity Industries, Browning did the job perfectly, although it was not easy. The creator of JetSuit arrived at the summon in just 90 seconds. This action is normally performed by a helicopter, top technology guides takes about 25 minutes to reach the call point.

Richard Browning more and more often takes part in all sorts of military and rescue exercises, where he teaches volunteers to use his jetpack. Gravity Industries will provide JetSuity to UK rescue teams so that they can do their jobs much faster and more efficiently.

We already know what radiation dose astronauts on the moon will receive

We already know what radiation dose astronauts on the moon will receiveThe United States, China, Japan, India and European countries plan to send people to the moon. The Americans will do it the fastest, which is why NASA decided to check whether they would be threatened by lethal radiation.

The return to the natural satellite of our planet is expected in 4 years. There is very little time until then, so it's high time to find out just how extreme the conditions will be for the first colonizers there. It turns out that it will not be easy for them to survive there, but after all, there are no obstacles that a person cannot overcome.

As part of the Chang'e-4 mission, instruments designed to measure radiation were placed on board the lunar lander. The device landed on the side of the Silver Globe surface invisible from Earth. The instruments recorded radiation at the level of about 60 microsieverts per hour.

This means that the radiation there is about 300 to 1000 times higher than that to which we are exposed here on Earth, about 5 to 10 times higher than during a long-haul flight and about 2.6 times higher than that experienced by astronauts. on the International Space Station. In truth, it is not a lot, and yet such doses endanger the health and even life of astronauts. Why?

Because they will be spending months or even years on the lunar surface, not several days, as in the Apollo mission. NASA is planning a flight to this globe not to get it, because it already happened 50 years ago, but to stay there forever. It is therefore about building a colony and starting the era of space mining in order to obtain resources torrent sites directory the development of the first cities. Prolonged exposure to radiation can affect the health of astronauts. So NASA is planning to build bases in caves or below the surface to reduce this problem.

Scientists also spend sleep on regolith, that is, lunar dust. Already during the Apollo Silver Globe mission, astronauts complained that contact with regolith caused them unpleasant sensations. Although the astronauts always wore space suits during their missions, when they returned to the spaceships they took them off and then they sneezed and watered their eyes.

Engineers at Stony Brook University School of Medicine conducted an experiment involving moon dust. It turns out that it is much more dangerous to people than we previously thought. Moon dust not only destroys cells in the human body, but can also damage the genome.

Undoubtedly, this is a huge problem, because regolith will be very hard to deal with. This dust is extremely fine and is electrified with high-energy particles from the sun. It can settle on suits, get inside bases or space stations and spread there.

Scientists set up an experiment in which they used live cells from mice and humans and then exposed them to artificially prepared lunar dust. In the long run, dust damages cells and even changes their DNA. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly why lunar dust has such a degrading effect on cells and DNA. It's probably about its size and shape, which allows it to get into the lungs and then into the bloodstream. More research is needed in this matter.

The world's first bionic 'eye' enters human testing

The world's first bionic 'eye' enters human testingScientists in Australia have spent over 10 years developing this technology and finally have a chance to prove its effectiveness in practice, because after successful animal testing, they can finally start trials on humans.

Work on creating a fully functioning bionic eye is currently underway in many institutions around the world (we know of at least 12!), Because restoring eyesight to blind people is high on the list of scientific priorities. Interestingly, some of them have even implanted patients with appropriate devices, but a lot depends on the cause of the loss of vision and the specific technology. In the case of Australia's Monash University, we are talking about a comprehensive bionic vision system designed for people with damaged optic nerves because it works by bypassing the damage that blocks the transmission of key signals that normally travel between the retina and the brain's visual center.

The entire system consists of an individually fitted headset with a camera, wireless transmitter, pattern processor and software, as well as a set of plates connected with human hair-thin electrodes implanted in the brain - so we can forget about the futuristic idea of ​​replacing our eye with a new, artificial one. The camera records scenes and transmits them to an image processor the size of a smartphone, and then the data is wirelessly transferred to said 9mm plates with complex circuitry capable of converting data into electrical impulses for brain stimulation. As a result, the brain is able to create patterns that combine 172 places of light, allowing users to move inside and out, being aware of people and objects nearby.

In July, the team published promising results from their three-sheep tests that lasted for 9 months, so researchers had the opportunity to follow their technology over the long term - first of all, the implants were found to be well tolerated by brain tissue, and the solution had no side effects. . - The results show us that long-term brain stimulation by our wireless solution can take place without significant tissue damage, as well as visible behavioral problems or seizures resulting from the stimulation, they explain. Now, we learn that the team has already collected all the necessary approvals for human testing, so it will start work soon - initially with only a few people, but ultimately there will be several dozen of them.

It is worth emphasizing that the Australian government strongly believes in the team's work, because scientists have been honored with funds under the Medical Research Future Fund and there is a chance for further subsidies at later stages, which will help not only to conduct tests, but also to produce headsets. Ultimately, however, the team hopes to cooperate with a commercial entity involved in the production of medical equipment, so that its solution will not only bring material benefits, but also have a chance to help people in need around the world. Especially that researchers see in it potential not only in terms of vision problems, but also spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, depression and several other diseases. So there is nothing else to do but keep your fingers crossed for successful tests.

Air highways for drones will be built. The first one will appear in Great Britain

Air highways for drones will be built. The first one will appear in Great BritainDrones are the future of the development of many industries. The most important, however, will be deliveries made with them. Thanks to them, we will receive the ordered goods much faster. The UK has a plan to facilitate such deliveries.

The government is creating a project to build the first air highway for transport drones. In the future, such special air corridors will connect all the cities of this country, and thanks to them, the highest level of safety for residents will be ensured and the quality of delivery services of the largest companies, used by millions of British people, will increase.

The motorway was renamed the Arrow Drone Zone and will start off in the city of Reading, west of London. The district authorities inform that the entire zone will be approximately 8 kilometers long and 500 meters wide. The idea is to designate special air corridors in which large and heavy drones with loads will be able to move.

The first experimental highway will be tested by logistics companies. If the tests are successful, the authorities will create more such zones over other UK cities. Corridors are to run over sparsely populated areas. It's about safety issues, but also ensuring silence, as transport drones are quite noisy machines. At the same time, drone routes are to be marked in such a way that deliveries are carried out as quickly as possible.

British highways for drones will be used by Uber, Amazon and many domestic companies willing to offer their customers super-fast deliveries of the products they need. Experts estimate that this type of transport of goods is a business worth billions of dollars. This industry is developing the fastest in China, where drone transports take place between areas with poorly developed road infrastructure.

Elon Musk announces a small electric Tesla for less than PLN 100,000

Elon Musk announces a small electric Tesla for less than PLN 100,000The Battery Day event did not impress Tesla fans and its investors, because the company's shares became cheaper, but we learned some interesting things about plans for the future of electric and autonomous motoring.

Musk once said he would build a fully electric vehicle that would be within reach of every American. Now we are learning that it may see the light of day in the next 3 years. It is supposed to be a hatchback vehicle with decent parameters. Unfortunately, the billionaire did not reveal any details about it, except for the range, which may be around 300 kilometers, and its price. This is not to exceed $ 25,000, or about PLN 95,000.

It is a city vehicle intended especially for the Chinese market. Its price is to be very affordable due to new battery technologies, which are expected to increase their capacity within 3 years, without increasing weight and price.

Currently, the most powerful version of the Model S uses cells with a capacity of 100 KWh, weighing around 700 kilograms. In 3 years they are to weigh only 250 kilograms with the same capacity. The cost of producing 1 KWh cells is expected to fall below the psychological limit of $ 100.

We can also learn from Battery Day that Tesla is working intensively on the production of new 4680 battery cells. The billionaire is not happy with the slow development of batteries for electric vehicles. He believes that we are at least 5 years backward in this matter. That is why the prices of electric vehicles are so high and they cannot become as popular as most people would like.

As for the new Tesla hatchback, which is to appear on the roads in 3 years, Musk emphasized that it will be the most advanced autonomous vehicle in the world, which will allow its users to travel around cities and entire countries in an extremely safe and comfortable way. The billionaire is sure that his electric and fully autonomous vehicles will conquer cities and make traveling around them easier.

Airbus showed the first hydrogen-powered airplane. Looks futuristic

Airbus showed the first hydrogen-powered airplane. Looks futuristicThe European aviation concern relies on ecological technologies that will make the aviation industry environmentally friendly. How will Airbus do this? With such amazing machines.

Airbus has unveiled the concept of the world's first emission-free airliner, which would enter service as early as 2035. The company revealed that its plants are currently working on the construction of the first prototype of such a machine. This process will take several years, but in a decade the first flights of the fully ecological machine will take place.

Engineers rely on hydrogen. Many believe that it is the fuel of the future not only in terms of use in vehicles on the road, but also in the air. The effects of hydrogen propulsion work are only steam. Every year, more and more hydrogen charging stations and plants for the production of this type of cells are built around the world.

Interestingly, Japan is currently a pioneer in the development of hydrogen technologies, but Germany also has extensive experience in this matter. Now that the advancement of technology has advanced significantly, the vision of replacing hydrocarbon fuels with green hydrogen cells will finally be realized.

Returning to the concept of an Airbus plane, the machine called ZEROe will at no angle resemble ordinary airliners we see in the sky. The machine is to be designed and built from scratch according to the latest aerodynamic technologies. The European concern wants ZEROe travels to be an unforgettable pleasure.

The plane is to have six powerful electric motors to help it reach speeds in excess of 800 km / h, but at the same time the whole structure is to ensure very low noise levels in areas where take-offs, flights and landings will take place. In this version, ZEROe is to have a range of 2,000 kilometers and take up to 200 people on board.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can even double your risk of dementia

Post-traumatic stress disorder can even double your risk of dementiaIt seems that scientists have managed to prove the link between PTSD and the development of dementia, thanks to which it will be possible to detect the first symptoms of the disease in certain groups early.

All as a result of the first meta-analysis of the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and dementia, which covered more than a million patients, and found that untreated PTSD doubled the risk of dementia in the elderly. Research, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, describes the condition as one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. Today, more than 50 million people worldwide suffer from it, and estimates say it will triple its prevalence by 2050. In the absence of effective treatment, the key to managing this degenerative disease is early identification and helping patients to limit the development of an uncontrollable condition at some point.

As already mentioned, one of the most vulnerable groups is people with PTSD, but interestingly… the relationship is both ways, meaning dementia also increases the risk of delayed PTSD. According to Canadian scientists who rely on studies of 1.69 million patients, the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder is associated with a 61% higher probability of developing dementia. Surprisingly, however, the incidence of dementia among PTSD war veterans is lower than that of the rest of the population - so if they are excluded from the study, we get a result that suggests that patients with PTSD are twice as likely to develop dementia.

Scientists hypothesize that this finding may suggest that treating PTSD may reduce the risk of developing dementia, as veterans are much more likely to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder than regular Kowalski. Many people with PTSD do not receive treatment, sometimes because of poor health care and sometimes because of fears of stigma often faced by those seeking help. Now we have more evidence of how traumatic experiences and the help they receive can have a long-term impact on a person, including the development of dementia in the future, explains one of the authors, Vasiliki Orgeta. While it is not clear what exactly the mechanism is behind this unusual relationship, one possible answer is that PTSD affects many of the behavioral factors that are associated with the development of dementia, from depression to addiction. Scientists are wondering whether the early diagnosis and treatment of PTSD can delay or even prevent the development of dementia, which has the potential to change the lives of millions of people around the world.

Do you want to go to the ISS? In this TV show, it can be won

Do you want to go to the ISS? In this TV show, it can be wonThose eager to experience adventures on the International Space Station have a unique chance to make their dreams come true, because a flight to the ISS can be won in one of the TV programs.

Space Hero, because that's what we're talking about, is a new reality show whose goal is to send one of the participants into space, and more specifically on a 10-day vacation to the International Space Station. However, it is worth emphasizing that those interested must win this award on their own, because, according to the Deadline website, there will be a series of backbreaking trainings on the way, during which specialists will test their physical, mental and emotional strength. The final of the competition can be followed live, because the idea is that in the last episode, it is the viewers who will decide by voting who deserves the most victory and the unique prize, which will be realized in 2023.

Then, the program will feature materials from the winner's journey, his stay at the ISS and his return home - the startup Axiom Space will be responsible for training the future "astronaut" and his journey, and all the fun will be costly. Of course, no one decided to provide specific numbers, but as CNBC speculates, based in part on information officially released by NASA, we are talking about at least 50 million dollars, plus an additional fee for the American space agency, which is $ 35,000 for night spent on the ISS, explaining that with living expenses. Unfortunately, Space Hero and Axiom Space have not yet decided to comment on this matter, so we are waiting for official information.